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About Us

Who Are We

Hello girls! 

We started Sagimora just because…. Simple as that. Ok, ok.. We are just joking. We are too old for this type of teenage nonsense. Actually, we were tired of reading beauty & wellness publications who promote everything for girls in their 20s. 

Nope, we don’t need that stuff. We are looking for something different. By different I mean we are looking at things that last and are high quality. We are looking for different types of content. Content which is suitable for women over their 40s, 50s, 60s… 

This is when we decided to launch Sagimora...

At Sagimora, our goal is to create high-quality and valuable content for women over their 40s. 

Our editorial team consists of professional writers, editors who have worked in the biggest publishing houses and beauty companies. We are very happy and proud of what we are doing here at Sagimora.

Interested? So stay awhile.... 

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