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How to create the perfect skincare routine for your 40+ skin

The Best Skincare Routine In Your 40’s

As we age we can fall into two categories. One, is the camp of ye olde skincare regime. Where you have been using the same brand or type of skincare for years and you have never changed it. The second camp are those so overwhelmed by choice that they switch and change from product to product, often trying every new best thing to come out of the $54.2 billion dollar anti-ageing industry.

It is important to know that your skin needs have changed now you are in your 40’s, but it is also important to know that routine is key. Constantly changing what you use may well cause unwanted breakouts, blotchiness and a hole in your budget that could be better spent elsewhere. At this stage in life, you do need a strong focus on elastin and collagen, the proteins that keep everything supple and plump in your skin. There’s also even more emphasis on UV protection and also, keeping skin healthful from the inside out.

Let’s take a closer look at the products you should be using in your 40+ skincare regime:

AM Regime:


The first thing you should be using is a gentle cleanser with anti-inflammatory ingredients. This is to take away any dirt from your skin that built up overnight. The result should be clean feeling skin, never squeaky clean skin, which suggests essential oils have been robbed.

How to create the perfect skincare routine for your 40+ skin


Serums are now considered an essential part of a skincare regime if you want to help protect your skin fully. You’ll want a serum bursting with antioxidants to help keep you protected against pollution and free radicals. Peptides that enhance collagen production are also great when natural production has slowed during this point. If your skin is particularly dry then you may wish to use a serum containing hyaluronic acid, which helps boost hydration.


You’ll want a good all-round cream to seal in everything you have placed on your skin before this point. Nothing too heavy, and ideally, something that works with your specific skin type.


SPF is something you should be using each and every day to protect your skin, as you can still get sun damage even when it is cloudy. Factor 50 is ideal, specifically something you can use on the face that won’t be too oily underneath makeup.

How to create the perfect skincare routine for your 40+ skin

PM Regime:


You can use your morning cleanser, but you may wish to try a different type at night like an oil or micellar water. Something extra gentle is important as you can build up more skin debris during the day than at night, so it needs to be thorough without drying out the skin.

40+ skincare regime tips to help retain that youthful glow


In general, anything containing microdermabrasion beads or scrubs is a bad idea for aging skin. It isn’t really too great for certain types of younger skin either, especially those with rosacea or redness. Instead, you will want to exfoliate during your evening regime a couple of times a week with an acid-based product. This helps to boost oxygen production and removes dead skin cells, boosting your youthful glow.


Nighttime serums are more about regeneration than protection. A serum with retinol is a really great idea as it increases collagen production and stimulates blood flow to the skin. However, you must build up your tolerance to it first, otherwise, you could end up with redness and other unwanted side effects. Read more about retinol and building up a tolerance to it in this handy article.

Night Cream

The cream you use at night should also be focused on repair and regeneration, rather than protection. You’re looking for one packed with amazing nutrients to nourish the skin and boost your skin cell production.

It is important to consult a dermatologist or skincare technician if you are unsure what your skin needs, or if you have a specific skin issue. They can help you understand what to look for in products you use, and help you introduce extra steps in your regime to suit your needs.

40+ skincare regime tips to help retain that youthful glow

An Extra Little Known Skincare Routine Tip…

To boost your beauty regime more in your 40’s you can add massage to your skincare application. This can help to boost circulation to the skin, and help to further enhance plumpness and that youthful glow. Even better, it helps drain fluid and lymph nodes, reducing puffiness and enhancing your overall appearance. You won’t see massage actively promoted as an important part of a skincare regime because it is free and so, if a company can’t make money from it, they don’t want you to know!

To help you introduce massage to your skincare regime, here’s an easy full face massage to try out next time you go through your routine:

  1. Applying gentle pressure, zig-zag across the forehead with your middle finger and ring finger.
  2. Using your middle fingers stroke up from the eyelid closest to the nose, up across the brows and into the brow bone, and out towards the scalp, then sweep from the corners of your eyes round and into the socket bone and out towards the scalp, but with less pressure.
  3. Using your fingers and thumbs pinch the skin out, moving from the chin to the edge of the jaw, then from the outside of the mouth to the ears.
  4. Gently tap your entire face all over to stimulate blood flow.
  5. Sweep across the neck with your hands downwards as though you are brushing something down

You can repeat the massage steps as many times as you feel comfortable, although most work well 3-5 times each. You can also do the regime daily, or every other day depending. For further inspiration, here are some more great facial massage examples to take a look at:

You may also wish to incorporate scalp massage which helps boost scalp health and may even help with hair loss problems, something that is another unfortunate part of the ageing process.

“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” - Audrey Hepburn

The tips above should help you get some ideas about your new skincare regime. Do seek professional advice if you are unsure how to get started, especially if you haven’t changed things up for a long while.

Before long you’ll have beautiful, glowing skin that keeps you looking the very best that you can for your age, working more towards reflecting how youthful you feel on the inside.