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Three Best Botox Alternatives That We Tried

Three Best Botox Alternatives That We Tried

So many people swear by botox and believe it is the fountain of youth. However, botox requires a lot of commitment, and you need to repeat the treatment regularly for the best results. If you are not ready to schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon or just dislike needles, there are many alternatives you could try. 

The beauty industry has come far, and achieving youthful skin is easier than ever before. The best part is you can get botox-like results without syringes or a trip to a doctor’s office. We dove deeper into the subject and tried several botox alternatives available at the moment. Here is the list of products that delivered the best results:

You & Oil Botoks Oil/Regeneration Beauty Shot

You & Oil Botoks Oil/Regeneration Beauty Shot

Learn more about You & Oil Regeneration Beauty Shot

What makes You & Oil Regeneration Beauty Shot stand out for us is the list of ingredients – they are fully natural. This serum contains sclerocarya birrea seed oil, helianthus annus seed oil, and lavandula stoechas extract (among others).

The team that worked on this product took their time to come up with a game-changing oil that could replace botox treatments. Serums can be heavy and hard to absorb, but Regeneration Beauty Shot has a very light and smooth texture that goes deep into the skin. 

So how does this serum works? The unique combination of natural oils in Regeneration Beauty Shot can reduce the contractions of the muscles that are to blame for the wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Plus, the serum is highly moisturizing, making the skin softer. 

You can either apply Regeneration Beauty Shot directly to your face every evening or mix one drop with a favorite night cream. The results will be the same. Speaking of results, we were somewhat surprised to see a noticeable difference after only two weeks of using this product, which is outstanding. 

To sum it up, You & Oil did an excellent job with their Botox Oil. It is light, fast-absorbing, moisturizing, and highly effective. Not to forget that your fine lines and wrinkles will be less visible. It is a fantastic botox alternative that is not complicated or costly. 



Learn more about Bratoxinsta

Bratoxinsta feels and performs like real botox. We love Bratoxinsta’s clever packaging. The syringe (without a needle!) allows you to get the perfect amount of the product with every use. Plus, you can store it anywhere.

Packed with nutrients and minerals, Bratoxinsta contains some of the most valuable ingredients found in nature. The list includes a white oak plant, acai palm tree, and basil plant. All of these are sourced from the Amazon rainforest creating an extraordinary mixture that transforms your skin. 

It is the perfect treatment for puffy eyes and crow’s feet. However, you don’t have to be limited to the eye area only. Bratoxinsta can be applied anywhere on your face. So if you need to smooth out the lines by your mouth or forehead, don’t hesitate to use this product. 

The light texture of Bratoxinsta dries down quite fast, which is a plus. It does create a thin barrier on the skin, so make sure you don’t use too much of the product. You should feel your skin tightening within a minute. The treated area looks smoother right away.

The product itself is super high quality and made for all skin types. Keep in mind that to completely erase the fine lines, you have to be persistent and apply Bratoxinsta twice a day (in the morning and evening, if possible) for at least a couple of weeks. 

Babyface Anti-Ageing Serum

Babyface Anti-Ageing Serum

Learn more about Babyface Anti-Aging Serum

Babyface Anti-Aging Serum is a complete newcomer to the list of botox alternatives, but we decided to give it a go, and it delivered on the promises. It is a firming serum that contains argireline and matrixyl 3000, which are among the best anti-aging ingredients out there. 

Besides that, Babyface Anti-Aging Serum features peptides, which are natural proteins that promote cell regeneration. All of these work together to make your skin more elastic and boost your collagen production along the way. 

Since this is a serum, you should apply it as the first step in your beauty routine. So it goes before your favorite moisturizer. Babyface Anti-Aging Serum absorbs in no time and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. We used it as a make-up primer in the morning as well. 

While it didn’t make wrinkles and fine lines go away in a blink of an eye, it is highly moisturizing. For instance, your complexion should become more radiant and healthy after just a couple of days. 

Patience is a virtue with this product because skin imperfections started filling up after a month of regular use. You have to be consistent because the research supports the Babyface Anti-Aging Serum (it reduces the appearance of wrinkles for 68% after two months). 

Considering the list of ingredients and the results we achieved, Babyface Anti-Aging Serum is an affordable alternative to botox that will improve your complexion in general. It is easy to apply, keeps your liquid foundation in place, and truly makes the skin softer. 

Final thoughts

We are seeing innovations in the beauty world all the time, and it is exciting that botox is not the only option for aging skin anymore. So forget about scheduling a meeting with a plastic surgeon and find the right skin serum for you.

After testing the previously mentioned products, we can confirm that all of them are effective to a degree. Picking out just one is super hard, but we will go for You & Oil Botoks Oil/Regeneration Beauty Shot. Why? Well, the texture is simply divine, and the skin soaks it up in no time. 

Furthermore, it features some of the healthiest ingredients for your skin. Plus, they are all completely natural. The results are not instant, but your face will be smooth and well-moisturized almost immediately. 

While You & Oil Botoks Oil/Regeneration Beauty Shot is not cheap, it is more affordable than regular botox treatments. So if you are not a fan of chemicals or afraid of someone poking your face with a needle, there is a natural solution that will make your skin radiant and youthful again.