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Simple tricks to care for your aging hair.

Graying Hair Trouble? Here are Tried & True Tips to Care for Your Aging Hair!

Aging isn't a nightmare unless your face starts revealing the numbers.

We are not actually talking about wrinkles (though they are equally disheartening), but the grey strands on your scalp that show you are making a progression in terms of your age. Your skin may take time, but in most cases, hair are the real traitors and tend to show what you mean to keep a secret.   

Honestly, going gray is an undeniable part of life. 

No matter if you try like hell, you cannot reverse it after you enter your 40s. So why not flaunt your hair naturally with some exclusively effective gray hair care tips? You can maintain the look of your grays and nourish them to look graceful with your aging hair. Here’s how you can do that.

Simple tricks to care for your aging hair

Let's start with what you should NOT do to your graying hair. 

  • Avoid Plucking

We know how much you urge to get off those peeky strands from your scalp. But plucking would only hamper your hair growth. 

Myth: Pulling a gray hair off will grow 10 more in its place. 

Truth: Only one gray hair can grow per follicle, without affecting the surrounding follicles unless their pigment cells die. 

However, plucking can reduce the chance of getting even a single hair from that follicle. 

  • Don't be rigid

Aging results in thinner, drier, and brittle hair. Keep your hair away from harsh chemical treatments and aggressive styling techniques. No matter how fond you are of experimenting with your hair, your age is a little demanding. You cannot afford to mess with it!

  • Wash less often

Frequent hair wash resists the natural oils to hydrate your strands, leaving them dry and fuzzy. Skip washing them every other day and use lukewarm water for showers. Try to be as humble as you can with your hair. 

  • DO NOT comb wet hair

DO NOT comb wet hair

Your hair are more fragile when they are wet. Brushing wet strands can ease falling off your scalp. You can comb them before you take a shower and skip off applying brush until they are dry. Wet hair needs a bit of extra care. 

  • Keep away from Hair Sprays

Got too many new hairstyles to try for parties? Go ahead, but eliminate hair spray from your style guide. These hair stylers have drying alcohol in them, which can make your hair more brittle and drier than the effect of your growing age. 

  • Outdoor Care

Welcoming the burning rays to fall on your hair and scalp are harmful to their health and natural color. The sun kind of extracts the natural pigments from your follicles, leaving them white. Limit exposure to the burning sun. Try wearing a hat or apply UV protectants to prevent UV light from reaching your hair and scalp. 

  • Say NO to heat styling

Graying hair are prone to damage with heat treatments. Blow drying, perming, straightening, curling, and other hot experiments on your hair can wipe off the essential moisture and fibers and leave them weak and fragile. Care for aging hair needs a lot of control over your styling habits, but the results are impressive.

Lifestyle Changes to Flaunt Your Glorious Grays

Time to swing your pooky, thick gray hair! Switch to a healthy routine to treat your aging hair. Here are some gray hair care tips to trigger the process. 

  • Get a classy haircut

Yes, we are asking you to chop your hair (and not pluck). Instead of worrying about thin but long layers, try to embrace a short hairstyle that looks a bit thicker and hides the peeking little gray strands. 

A short bob or a blunt bang suits perfectly on thinning gray hair. At least you don't have to heat style and manage the hard and longer lengths!

  • Have a healthy meal

It isn't really out of context. Swirly hair are the result of a healthy diet, and protein is the game-changer. Adequate consumption of proteins along with plenty of water is a secret to thick and healthy hair growth. 

If not a nutritional diet, you can opt for vitamin supplements. Check labels for this: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B7. 

  • Be selective with haircare products

Anything and everything won't work on gray hair. You have to be choosy when buying shampoos and conditioners that can hydrate and moisturize your hair while adding shine and vibrance to them. Use products infused with natural oils or get a rejuvenating oil treatment to restore and lock the lost moisture in your hair. Fish oil works well in healthy hair growth.

  • Don't go cheap with your hairbrush!

Don't go cheap with your hairbrush!

Graying hair needs a gentle touch while embracing them. Your hairbrush must be a combo of snag-free nylon bristles and boar's hair bristles, which adds them a bit of length and thickness. Boar bristle brushes can feed down the natural oils to the hair shaft allowing it to consume the necessary nutrients.

  • Select light holding products

Alcohol-rich holding products can be harsh on your soft hair. The dry and brittle strands you see on your scalp are due to such hair gels. Light hold hair products do well in nourishing your hair and style them elegantly. Aloe vera gel is your perfect hair styling remedy that adds a bit of healthy texture to your strands.     

  • Glossy hair are not bad

No, we aren't telling you to cover all your gray hair but to improve their texture with semi-permanent or permanent color. You can impart some shine to blend your grays with dark hair. Also, coloring can increase your hair volume, and hence, adding some gloss over your grays can create a shiny and voluminous look. Highlights and lowlights will help you enhance your style while filtering in your natural grays.

Don't forget these quick gray hair care tips

  • Use a dry shampoo between frequent washes to retain the natural oil balance in your hair. 
  • A homemade deep conditioning mask every week tweaks the overall health of your hair.
  • The 5-minute scalp massage with or without hair oils can regulate blood circulation in the graying hair, imparting them a long life. 
  • Rice water is an excellent hair rinse. Use it twice a week for smooth and shiny hair. 

Embrace your natural grays with the utmost care and attention. You may not get the chance to style them as before, you will definitely reveal their grace with smart handling.