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Can you massage your face to wrinkle-free?

How To Massage Your Face To Look Younger

The pros have long sworn by massaging the face for younger skin, but is there any truth to the anti-aging method? Is it going to boost your youthful glow any more than a skin cream?

The Beauty Industry Don’t Want You To Know…

There’s a lot of evidence to say that facial massage can help reduce fluid retention, boost oxygen to the skin, and improve the firmness of the skin overall. Although there is a suggestion that pulling muscles upwards helps them lock in a ‘better position’, that’s not actually true. Instead, what happens is the blood flow is boosted and oxygen returns to the skin, helping it to plump up and reduce dryness and puffiness.

Can you massage your face to wrinkle-free?

So the lowdown is that medically, there is no specific evidence that massage helps with wrinkles as such, but the way that it boosts circulation and stimulates cell growth is a natural form of wrinkle reduction.

The fluid draining and moisturizing when you include cream in the process is also going to boost that overall youthful flow.

Why Isn’t The Secret More Well Known?

The anti-aging industry is worth over $50 billion US dollars, so free methods of anti-aging like massage aren’t that widely publicized because they aren’t worth as much money.

Can you massage your face to wrinkle-free?

The Problem You Are Working Against

It helps to know what your skin is doing as you age so that you understand how the process of massage is going to help.

Our skin structures are made from collagen and elastin fibres which help the skin to be stretchy whilst also returning back to its original shape. As we age, the fibres thin and so this bounce-back reduces, and the bands of fibres sag and pull down. This contributes to sagging and wrinkles along with common contributory factors like UV damage, nutritional deficiencies, stress, smoking and drinking. The cell turnover slows down too as we age, so the skin can look dull and lifeless without regular exfoliation.

Can you massage your face to wrinkle-free?

Different Types Of Anti-Ageing Facial Massage

Massaging your face has a huge range of benefits including:

  • It is free
  • It is quick
  • It helps exfoliate the face
  • Boosts blow flow
  • Helps with new-cell growth
  • Plumps the skin
  • Improves oxygen flow to the skin
  • Stress reduction

To help you get started giving massage a go for anti-aging, here are a few massage routines to try:

Reducing Eye-Puffiness Massage

Start by applying your usual eye cream on the squashy part of your index finger to the inner corner of each eyelid, after refrigerating the cream so it is nice and cold.

Once your fingers are there using light pressure, move your fingers up towards the brow bones until you reach the outer corner of your eye. Then continue to sweep around on the socket bone under the eye, until you reach the place you started again. Keep rotating a few times applying varied pressure.

This routine can be done both morning and night.

Jawline Firming Massage

Put both your thumbs at the end of your chin, and your index fingers underneath, so your palms are facing upwards. Then pinch along the jawline until you reach your ears, then go back along the jawline to your chin continuing to pinch. This should feel really nice and can be repeated several times.

You can do this routine a couple of times a week for optimum effects. It should work to help drain the lymph nodes and to tighten the jawline overall.

Forehead Line Reduction Massage

Anchor your thumbs on your temples, using your first three fingers on each hand to then rub along the skin of the forehead in tiny circles. Move from between the brows outwards and continue for about a minute. This can be repeated every day if you feel it would help. It should increase forehead circulation and help stimulate collagen production.

Full Face Anti-Ageing Massage

  • Using a good facial oil rubbed on your fingertips put your hands in front of your nose (but not touching) and slowly take a few inhalations with your eyes closed.
  • Once you feel relaxed, spread the oil across the face starting under the jaw, stroking upwards avoiding the eye area. For additional coverage, spread the oil in tiny circles across the face.
  • Once you have oiled the face you can work on your eyes. Start by placing your middle, index, and ring fingers spaced out along the brows and press.
  • Next, move about a centimeter up and press again.
  • Now you can use your ring finger to make the shape of glasses, starting in the area between the eyes. Repeat this a few times.
  • Squeeze your eyebrows from the inside out, repeating the process 5 times.
  • Now you can work on your nose. Using your ring finger massage your nose in tiny circles working from in between the eyes down to the tip of your nose. If you have sinus issues then you may want to apply more pressure to the bridge of your nose.
  • Once you have to massage your nose, use your ring fingers to add pressure in the center of the socket bone underneath your eyes. Move from here towards your eats and then down towards your neck.
  • You can then add the jawline firming message we mention above.
  • Once your jawline has been massaged, pull and massage your earlobes and gently and quickly flick or tap your facial skin from the jaw upwards.
  • Lastly, place your index finger on your cheeks pointing down and drag all your fingers up towards your scalp

You can choose to begin the process with a scalp massage which is thought to help promote lymphatic drainage all around the head and the face. It also helps boost blood flow and health in the scalp, boosting your overall appearance with potentially improved hair, which frames the face. You can look at a great scalp massage example in this handy Youtube video:

“Ageing is a fact of life, looking your age is not.” - Howard Mo

Massaging your face can help boost your youthful glow, and improve your overall skin health. For something that takes no time at all, and costs no money at all, it really could be a great beauty secret to embrace.