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Luminas Patches Helped Me Lead a Pain-Free Life Again

Luminas Patches Helped Me Lead a Pain-Free Life Again

Having chronic pain can be hell. You wake up every morning, and instead of looking forward to the day ahead, you are focused on medication and pain relievers. That has been my reality for some time now. I had to give up on a lot of things I enjoyed because of the pain in my lower back.

Not being a fan of prescribed medication made me look elsewhere for pain relief. I am a firm believer that there is always a natural solution (my vegan diet helped me with PCOS after all), so I knew I would eventually find a product that will help me get my old life back. And I was so right!

The story of my back

What is Luminas Patch?

My back pain started right after my 40th birthday. Instead of having a good time in a new decade of my life, I spent my days trying to find a doctor that could tell me what is happening with my body. I wasn’t able to sleep at night, and my lower back felt stiff like it was locked in place.

After a couple of wrong diagnoses and extensive physical therapy, I was informed that I have arthritis. I was happy that I finally knew what is causing everyday pain in my lower back, but also terrified at the same time. It meant I had to take painkillers almost daily, and my stomach is not okay with them. I learned that the hard way during my college years when I suffered from agonizing periods.

Painkillers and muscle relaxants make me sick, and I end up in a bathroom for hours. Managing my back pain without chemicals seemed impossible, but I knew there has to be something out there that could help me. I wanted to move and be my active self once again. Plus, I desperately needed a good night's sleep.

What is Luminas Patch?

What is Luminas Patch?

Learn more about Luminas Patch

I discovered Luminas Patch by accident as I scrolled my social media feed. An add popped up, and my curiosity won. Luminas Patch’s official website points out that their products can provide a whole 24 hours of pain relief without using medications or chemicals. Plus, there are no side effects. Needles to say, I was intrigued.

Luminas Patch relies solely on energy medicine. If you are like me, this term is completely new to you. Energy medicine was developed thanks to the advances in quantum physics. The researchers discovered that they could code natural ingredients. Long story short, they tell them precisely what to do in a body, according to a statement from the makers of the patch.

It all seemed too high tech for me and a bit too good to be true. But when I learned there are about 200 natural pain relievers within a single Luminas Patch, I thought this could be the solution for my back pain. It is impossible to list all of the natural ingredients in this patch so I’ll stick to more familiar ones (at least to me):

  • Tumeric: Used in traditional medicine, known for anti-inflammatory properties, often recommended for arthritis patients.
  • B12 Vitamin: A valuable ingredient that supports the nerve system.
  • White Willow Bark: Does wonders for muscle pain, as well as headaches.

Using Luminas Patch

Using Luminas Patch

Luminas Patch is not only suitable for arthritis patients, but many sports doctors recommend them to their clients (who are often professional athletes). A single package contains 24 patches. The patches come in two sizes – medium and large.

They look almost ordinary with a subtle pattern that I like. The patches are made of premium materials, and they are waterproof. Apply the patch to the painful area of your body, and that’s it. You can go about your day, doing various activities, and the patch should stay in place.

The result

I ordered two packages of Luminas Patches right away. There is no way to describe how excited I was when they arrived. I have to point out it was a speedy delivery, which is highly appreciated. The official website says that the patch should start working after only 60 seconds. I took out one large patch to place it on my lower back. My husband assisted me because it is a bit hard to do it right when you have chronic pain.

I can’t say for sure that the patch worked after 60 seconds, but I felt relief very fast. It made a huge difference right away, and I could move my back better than just a few minutes ago. To test the patch further, I started doing housework.

If I stand too long, my back pain worsens. So I decided to cook lunch that will keep me on my feet for about an hour. The pain didn’t return. I felt good for the first time in a while. The realization that I forgot how it felt not to watch your every move almost made me cry.

I continued to test the Luminas Patch for the next four weeks. I can confirm they are comfortable to wear and waterproof. Daily walks became a habit of mine thanks to the patches, and I break a sweat often. The patch stays in place.

You can also take a shower while wearing the patch. However, I recommend that you do it right before you put a new one. I learned that it is better to apply the patch to clean skin. I forgot to shower the first day after receiving the patches, and it did peel off a bit on the sides by the morning.

Final thoughts

What I love about Luminas Patches is that they don’t just mask the pain, but reduce the inflammation over time. Not to forget that there are no side-effects, and I don’t feel nauseous when using the patches. At one point, I was sure I would have to get used to the pain and live with it. Luminas Patches prooved that there is always an alternative.

I am very grateful for my improved mobility and pain-free everyday life. Not to forget that I sleep like a baby, without feeling uncomfortable every time I move. If you have any chronic pain, perhaps due to an injury or a condition, I highly recommend that you give Luminas Patches a try. They might be what you need right now!

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