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Linen Brands We Love For A Stylish Home and Bedroom

Linen Brands We Love For A Stylish Home and Bedroom

Having a comfortable and stylish bedding set could completely change the look of your bedroom. Of course, the bedding set shouldn’t only be eyecatching, but also comfortable to sleep in. A new set could make your old bed feel like new, add more color to your room, and make it way cozier. So how to choose the right one?

Finding the Bedding That Fits Your Style

Linen Brands We Love For A Stylish Home and Bedroom

While getting new furniture or painting the walls of your bedroom requires a lot of effort, a new bedding set is a quick and easy way to improve the overall design of your bedroom. But before you go out there in search of a duvet cover or a pillowcase, you have to know what materials and patterns you want.

For instance, cotton is super popular because the material itself is comfortable and easy to wash. The quality of cotton is questionable, so it might not be the best long-term investment. To solve this problem, we decided to give linen bedding a try. It is a bit more expensive than cotton, but still worth every penny. Linen is quickly becoming the number one choice because it is durable, as well as elegant.

This material is natural and feels great against the skin. It creases a bit, but that is the whole point of the aesthetic. Linen itself will create that carefree and comfy feeling in your bedroom. Plus, the material gets softer with use. If you are set on getting linen bedding, we have selected a couple of brands we tried (and fell in love with) that produce high-quality bedding in a variety of styles. So let’s dive in!



Learn more about MagicLinen

MagicLinen, a small family company from Lithuania, took the media by storm when Meghan Markle wore one of their linen dresses during a casual stroll through Hollywood. It is no wonder that celebrities are choosing clothes made of linen because it is incredibly comfortable and breathable, making it ideal for hot weather.

The gorgeous design of the dress made us take a closer look at MagicLinen as a brand, and we discovered that the founder was inspired by her mother’s clothing and how long-lasting it is. The brand quickly expanded their line thanks to the increased interest in linen, and now they offer various items for home and bedroom.

Their stonewashed linen is the perfect choice for every room in your house. The attention to the details makes MagicLinen stand out from the competition. For instance, a large number of bedding manufacturers do not offer bedding sets in all possible sizes. MagicLinen makes bedding sets for every mattress imaginable. The color and pattern selection is outstanding as well, so you can find a bedding set that will match the bedroom design you are going for.

Considering how great this material is, it is no wonder that MagicLinen manufactures more than just the duvet covers and pillowcases. Their line includes linen towels (that are super soft and feel quite luxurious), napkins, curtains, and many more. Plus, there is an apparel section too, so you can rock the same dress as gorgeous Meghan Markle, and feel comfortable all summer long.

Fig Linens


Learn more about Fog Linens

Hailing from Connecticut, Fig Linens makes luxury items for every room in your house. Their products are simple, yet very chic. Bedding sets are their bestsellers, and that is not surprising at all. The selection of colors and patterns is fantastic. If you want to add a touch of coziness to your bedroom, you’ll probably find a couple of pieces in Fig Linens’ shop. The soft texture of their materials will improve the quality of your sleep, and you’ll never want to leave your bed again.

Linen is the perfect material for summer, but you can use this bedding all year round. It improves the airflow, keeping your body cool when the weather gets too warm. Linen also looks very casual thanks to its texture (and lovely creases), so interior designers often use it to make every space more relaxed. Fig Linens’ bedding is no different, and you’ll be thrilled to discover how the linen changes after every wash.

Fig Linens is a brand that offers more than the bedding sets. Do you need unique decorative pillows, duvets, or even kitchen napkins? You can find all of that and more in their shop. Additionally, this brand is big on sustainability and has a specific line dedicated to cruelty-free, organic, and eco-friendly products.



Learn more about Brooklinen

With a tag line the internet’s favorite sheets, Brooklinen is truly a brand to watch. Located in Brooklyn, New York, this company redefined neo-romantic decor, making it easy for anyone to style their bedroom just the way they want. Brooklinen is a brainchild of a husband and wife who turned to Kickstarter to realize their dream.

We discovered this brand while listening to podcasts years ago, and after going through their beautifully curated social media, we decided to give it a try. Their linen sheets have loyal fans, and they are beloved by sleep experts. The breathable material makes it easy to fall asleep, and it regulates body temperature throughout the night. Brooklinen bedding creases naturally, and they are a perfect addition to your bedroom if you are on a hunt for bohemian chic pieces.

Brooklinen is not limited to making bedding only. You could revamp your entire home with eco-friendly items found in their shop. Plus, they have a small apparel line that features items made of linen. Even though their products could be a bit pricey, they are certainly worth it. The bundles are more affordable than buying one piece at the time, especially if you are interested in bedroom pieces.


Linen Bedding

Linen is the material of the future. It is sustainable, durable, and incredibly comfortable. So if you slept on cotton sheets all of your life, now is the perfect time to shake things up a bit and try out linen bedding. Or even get linen towels for your bathroom or kitchen. This fabric is not only eco-friendly but will last you for years. Most importantly, it gets softer with every wash.