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Great Anti-Aging Products to Try This Summer

Great Anti-Aging Products to Try This Summer

[Updated: 10/08/2020]

Warm and sunny weather is just around the corner, so it is a great time to switch up your beauty routine and introduce some new anti-aging products. Changing your go-to face cream or including supplementation can be very beneficial for your skin and overall health. Without further ado, let’s dive in and discover amazing anti-aging products you could try out in the following months.

BeautyStat Vitamin C Skin Serum

Great Anti-Aging Products to Try This Summer

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Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has been a staple in numerous anti-aging products for years. Free radicals are to blame for bad skin, wrinkles, and fine lines (1). As we grow older, we lose the ability to fight free radicals without outside help. This is where vitamin C comes into play. BeautyStat managed to perfect their serum’s formula, making it an antioxidant bomb. Considering that this skincare product has 20% of pure vitamin C in it, it is clear why it’s on this list.

The serum is packed with other great ingredients as well. They include active green tea, squalane, and tartaric acid. When combined with vitamin C, active green tea can reduce fine lines and boost the natural production of collagen. Squalane will keep your skin hydrated, and tartaric acid is included to aid the absorption. You may use this lightweight formula both in the morning and as a nighttime routine. Just make sure you apply the serum twice a day. BeautyStat’s Vitamin C Serum is such a small addition to your skincare routine that could make a huge difference in the long run.

Hanacure All In One Facial

Great Anti-Aging Products to Try This Summer

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Beloved by the celebrities (2), Hanacure is promoted as the world's most powerful facial treatment. The kit will arrive with several ingredients you need to mix, and that’s one of the secrets behind the treatment. Once you combine the gel solution with the lifting serum, you’ll get a mixture that reacts to the CO2. The experts at Hanacure call this the CO2 OctoLift.

The facial will start tightening when you apply it to the skin. Your face will look wrinkly and quite funny, so make sure you take a couple of selfies. Wash it off with warm water and voila – your skin is refreshed, smooth, and radiant! All In One Facial is infused with peptides and botanical extracts that deeply nurture and moisturize the skin (3). It can help if you have redness or hyperpigmentation and will make fine lines less visible. Just remember to use it regularly for the best possible results!

No B.S. Retinol Night Moisturizer

Great Anti-Aging Products to Try This Summer


Just like the name suggests, the No B.S. company focuses on developing products with high-quality natural ingredients that are also cruelty-free. Skin loses elasticity as we age, and the natural collagen production drops once we hit the forties. No B.S. Retinol Night Moisturizer is super versatile and designed to smooth out your skin, as well as to give it more volume. Not to forget that it minimizes the pores, reduces scars or hyperpigmentation, and makes fine lines less visible.

The ingredients include aloe vera that provides the skin with hydration and promotes healing. Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, is in charge of erasing wrinkles, as well as the signs of aging (4). And finally, hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, making it smooth, fresh, and youthful (5). No B.S. Retinol Night Moisturizer is fast-absorbing, and everyone can include it in their nighttime routine. No B.S. is truly an amazing company that is revolutionizing the modern skincare, so if you are looking for more vegan-friendly skincare products, keep an eye on them.

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RxGenesys EyeMustCare Instant lift + Anti-aging Eye Cream

Great Anti-Aging Products to Try This Summer

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RxGenesys’ products came into the spotlight after Paulina Porizkova, a former supermodel, chronicled her experience using these creams on her social media (6). This company was founded by Dr. Gibson, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in cell regeneration, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Paulina got incredible results after using the RxGenesys skincare line. EyeMustCare Instant lift + Anti-aging Eye Cream is a great starting point because it does wonders for fine lines around the eyes.

The cream is packed with RxGenesys’ signature RxG302 cellular extract that boosts the functions of the skin, prompting it to repair itself from within. It can reduce puffiness and dark circles, as well as smooth out the fine lines near your eyes. The formula might seem a bit too rich, so some women prefer to apply this cream at night. However, you can put it on twice a day. While you need to use some products for weeks to see the first results, you will notice the improvements after just a couple of days with EyeMustCare Eye Cream because your skin will look more radiant and glowy.

Membrane Integrity Factor

Great Anti-Aging Products to Try This Summer

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Surely, skincare products are essential, but nourishing your skin from within is equally important when it comes to a successful anti-aging beauty routine. So investing in an anti-aging supplement could be a great idea. Membrane Integrity Factor is powerful and you can easily include this supplement into your daily routine. It features an innovative ingredient called 2-AEP that fortifies the cell membranes, protecting them from toxins and other outside factors that could speed up the aging process. The scientists behind this product combined 2-AEP with calcium, magnesium, and potassium, making it easy to absorb.

These minerals are important for various processes in your body and can improve your hair, bones, and skin when taken regularly. Membrane Integrity Factor does wonders for the complexion through cell regeneration that can revitalize the old cells. It will increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, as well as erase fine lines. It could also make deeper wrinkles less noticeable (7). Users reported higher energy levels in general, which can be great if you sometimes feel too tired to take a short walk or do some yoga. Membrane Integrity Factor is a well-rounded supplement that will fit right into your beauty routine.


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We are ending this list with another excellent supplement that could improve your overall health, get your skin glowing again, and boost your immunity (8). It is called Immuneti, and celebrities are head over heels with this product. Molly Sims, a former supermodel uses Immuneti for healthier skin, and Venus Williams swears by it because it gives her more energy throughout the day. The supplement contains a mix of the best vitamins and minerals that we all need daily. It is designed to keep our bodies healthy and strong, regardless of age.

Dr. Amy Shah, a Harvard medical graduate, came up with Immuneti after noticing that many companies rarely mix up vitamins and minerals. Dr. Shah focused on creating an all-encompassing product that would deliver the best nutrients to the user, and she succeeded. Immuneti contains only five ingredients, and each of them has an important role. Vitamin C and elderberry are powerful antioxidants that boost the immunity system while helping your body to create more collagen on its own (9). Zinc will give you healthier skin, nails, and hair as well as fend off the seasonal cold (10). Garlic bulb and echinacea will keep the viruses away all year round (11). Immuneti is more than a supplement – it could make your skin youthful and also boost your immunity.


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