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Top Makeup Trends for Women Over 40 in 2021

Top Makeup Trends for Women Over 40 in 2021

Are you a trendy person? Do you like keeping up to date with all the current trends? A lot of women love to read about fashion & makeup since it helps them stay in touch with all the current favorites and looks that actresses, models, as well as singers wear. Here, we will let you in on all the beauty & makeup trends that you will be seeing everywhere in 2021! This article will help you practice beforehand and you will be prepared when the time comes! Keep on reading and see for yourself!

Top 6 Makeup Trends For Women Over 40 That You Will Love In 2021

1. No Foundation - Let Your Skin Breathe!

A lot of makeup artists feel like we will be putting our foundations aside, and we will be letting our skin breathe! As bare as possible will be a huge trend in 2021! And you know what they say - sometimes, less is truly more! We will be seeing a lot of concealer under the eyes, and that's about it! Moisturized, primed, glowy & hydrated skin is the new way to do it! If your skin is naturally on a drier side, you will actually appreciate this makeup trend! Just apply a radiant & medium-coverage concealer to your problematic areas. Dab it in with your fingers, and you'll be good to go!

Top Makeup Trends for Women Over 40 in 2021

2. Natural Eyebrows - For Framing The Face

If your eyebrows are thin, sparse or non-existent, don't worry about it! Natural eyebrows will be the trend of 2021! No woman will tattoo her eyebrows, and microblading will be the thing of a past! You should let your natural eyebrows breathe & rest and don't even try to pluck a brow or two! You should, however, add your favorite dark brown shadow and a tinted brow mascara throughout your entire eyebrow. Dab the product in and embrace that feathery, natural & seamless look! Just make sure that you use the same color that matches your hair, or go a shade lighter (never go too dark with your eyebrows since it can make you look uneven & older than you actually are).

3. Rosy Cheeks - Monochromatic Is A New Look

Are you a fan of blush? If not, would you be interested in hopping onto this trend? In 2021, every woman (no matter her age or skin type) will be applying a heavy amount of blush! You should also try to blend in (and blend the product in)! Make sure that you use a liquid rose-colored blush and apply it to your moisturized skin. Liquid blushes or cheek tints are perfect for mature skin types, and they will look the best on women who have naturally drier skin. Add two drops of product to your cheeks and dab in with your ring finger. You can also go a bit wild with the blush and add it to your crease and over your nose for that sun-kissed look! Monochromatic looks will also be huge in the upcoming year.

4. Golden Eyeshadow - For The Night Outs

If you want to go out and about and look your best, make sure you put in some extra effort! The best way to do so? With a golden eyeshadow! This color is going to be the color of 2021, and everyone will apply it to their lid, no matter their skin type, eye color, or hair color! A golden eyeshadow will open-up your eyes and give you a youthful, glowy & radiant look! You should apply your favorite golden eyeshadow with your ring finger and over your entire eyelid. Press the product in and finish off the look with 2-3 coats of mascara! If you like to stand out you can also wear this look on a daily basis! Just make sure you properly blend it out before you head out.

Top Makeup Trends for Women Over 40 in 2021

5. Winged Liner -For Women Who Want To Stand Out

A good old & sultry cat eye will never go out of fashion! A winged liner is a retro and old-school way of opening up your eyes and giving yourself that seamless & lifted look! You should do a slight winged out cat eye and emphasize the beauty of your natural eye shape & your eye color. However, do not apply the liner to your fine lines, wrinkles, or any creased or hooded areas! Your liner can easily smear and get stuck in these lines, which is why you should avoid them. Rather go for one smooth, clean & precise line right over your eyelid. Make sure that you use a felt-tip liner since it is the best when it comes to precision, as well as seamless & even looks. PS: If you mess up just use a q-tip and a bit of water. You can easily remove any mistakes. Just make sure that you are patient enough when doing this step so that you don't poke your eye.

6. Bright & Colorful Mascara

Lastly, if you truly want to stay trendy & in fashion, go for a bright and colorful mascara! Almost every girl will hop onto this trend in 2020 and in 2021 (and we can thank Tik Tok for this), but who says that you should stay away from it?! You should also purchase a bright colored pink, blue, neon green or yellow mascara, and add some fun to your eyes! You can apply the mascara just to your bottom lashes, or you can apply them to the top as well! By doing this unique (youngsters) trend, people will actually think that you are 10x cooler as well as younger since you're, obviously, staying trendy!

Top Makeup Trends for Women Over 40 in 2021

Which One Is Your Favorite?

So, out of these top 6 makeup trends that we will be seeing everywhere in 2021, which one is your favorite? Are you already doing one of these? If so, let us know which one in the comments down below!