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Makeup tricks and tips for women over 50

Makeup tricks and tips for women over 50

If you are someone who has mature skin you probably know the struggles of applying your makeup, right? Sometimes your favorite foundation just doesn't want to stick or cling to your fine lines, and at other times your eyeshadow probably transfers onto your lids. That's completely normal and it happens as your skin loses its elasticity. Although you can't slow down and stop the process of aging, you can still master some makeup skills and adjust the look per your needs, your age group, and your skin type! Here, we will teach you how to do makeup if you are in your 50s or 60s, just keep on reading!

Top 7 Makeup Tricks For Women Who Are Over 50

1. Start with your creams

    The way that you prep your skin is more important than the way that you apply your makeup, believe it or not. Hydrating and adding moisture to your skin is the essential step for long-lasting makeup! Make sure that you apply your favorite nourishing day-cream to your skin. Once that sinks in, also go in with your under eye cream. 

    By adding moisture and sticking with the right skincare products, you will actually create a sticky base for your future products. Mature skin types tend to dry quicker, so make sure that you are generous when applying your products!

    2. First prime then add foundation

    Add a primer that has a dewy base and a sticky surface. You should apply a primer that has skincare-like ingredients, as well as a serum-like consistency. This product is essential for women who plan on wearing a foundation, or a BB cream.

    *If you don't wear foundation on a daily you can skip the priming step, just use an SPF for protection!*

    Let your primer sink into the skin for 30-60 seconds before you move to your foundation.

    Apply your favorite (lightweight and radiant) foundation with your fingers. Dab the product in by adding light pressure. Make sure it sinks into your fine lines and press it in on your problematic areas for optimal coverage and long-wear!

    Makeup tricks and tips for women over 50

    3. Use a finely milled powder

    This makeup item will keep your oils in place and from peeking through during the entire day! You should use a finely milled powder and a round brush just to set your T-zone. Make slow pressing and tapping motions over your forehead, cheeks, as well as your chin & nose area. Don't apply the powder to your entire face since it can dry you out. Be smart about it, and have a light hand!

    PS: If you are a bronzer or a blush person you should apply this makeup item before setting your face. This step is optional and totally up to you. However, before you do add anything, just make sure that it is in a liquid form! There's no need to add any other powder products on top (just the milled powder).

    4. Use a cream shadow

    If you have naturally drier eyelids you probably know that your eyeshadow can easily crack, peel off, as well as smudge at any given point. This is why you should apply a cream shadow to your crease and to your eyelid area. Cream formulas are hydrating, and they are almost always full coverage - great for women who want to wear something for the entire day! You should apply your chosen cream shadow with your ring finger and over the entire eye. Make slow pressing motions and get the optimal, even & full pigment! We highly recommend wearing some bronze, nude, or pink shades since these are perfect for mature skin types, as well as everyday wear.

    5. Think about lash extensions

    As we age our skin becomes a lot drier, while our hair, lashes & eyebrows tend to thin out and become quite brittle & sparse. Is this the case with your natural lashes & eyebrows as well? If so, you probably know the struggles of adding mascara to super short & stubborn lashes (there is almost no volume whatsoever, no matter how many coats you apply)!

    Well, how about you give lash extensions a go? These are customizable per your preference, and they can look amazing on any woman, no matter her age type, lash count, or hair color! Once placed down, lash extensions will stay on for 2 weeks straight! This is perfect for women who demand longevity and who want to look well-put 24/7!

    Makeup tricks and tips for women over 50

    6. Soft brows are the way to go

    Since your natural brows are probably quite soft & light in color, make sure you emphasize their natural beauty. Don't go in with heavy strokes, and rather stick to a powdery & soft brow. Use a colored eyeshadow or a powder brow pomade and gradually apply it through your brows. Don't use eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, or dark-colored brow gels since these will look too harsh on your face. Use a small angled brush and draw thin strokes over the entire front portion. Go for a feathery and natural look, and make sure that you use a color that is one shade darker than your natural eyebrow color, or use the exact same color that matches your hair color!

    7. Go for a juicy lip color

    Lastly, it is time to hydrate your lips & give them some volume and definition! The right way to do so? Use a nude-colored lip pencil and outline your lips. Apply a lighter nude shade in the center of your lips and dab it in with your fingers. Make sure you keep your lips moisturized & glossy since this little makeup trick will make you look youthful, rested & naturally radiant! Add just a bit of nude lip gloss or a clear gloss to the center of your lips. Bring this makeup item with you wherever you go and reapply it every couple of hours. It will freshen up your look while giving you juicy lips!